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You might be extremely irritated to see your computer performing with an abnormally slow speed. This not only stalls your work but also results in a lot of wastage of valuable time. Slow PC being a very common issue faced by computer users, they are always looking forward to hiring the services of professional experts in this field. So, at this point of time, you might be very eager to know how to speed up my computer. It is quite irritating to find your computer running very taking ages for the system to perform every single task. At this point of time, it would be a great idea to seek the help of premium quality slow PC support services. Apart from this, you can also go for some of the most effective troubleshooting steps for the purpose of speeding up the computer.

  • Try to look out for the programs which are resource hungry in nature. These programs use about 99 percent of the resources of the CPU. Apart from this, there might be some applications which experiences a memory leak thereby using up a lot of memory space resulting in the slow running of the PC. These programs need to be properly identified and stopped for the purpose of speeding up of the computer.
  • Close all the system tray programs which are running in the background. These programs frequently launch at the time when the computer is starting up and continuously run in the background which necessarily slows down the performance of the PC. Stopping all these programs would certainly speed up the computer.
  • The start up programs should necessarily be disabled thereby saving a lot of memory as well as CPU cycles along with speeding up the process of logging into the system. This would be simply a great option for fixing slow computer.
  • Try to reduce animations for the purpose of fixing the slow PC Support  The reason behind the fact is that the animations use a lot of the resources of the CPU, hence resulting in a slow down.
  • Malwares and adware are two of the top contributors for affecting the performance of a computer. At this point of time you might be wondering as to why is my computer so slow. In this situation installing a good antivirus program would certainly help
  • Freeing up the disk space is another way to increase the speed of operating of your computer. The computer slows down when there is low space in the hard disk.
  • The ultimate step for enhancing the speed of the computer is to go for a disk defragmentation which might help to fix the slow PC

Apart from the steps that are mentioned above, resetting the PC or reinstalling Windows would also be of a great help. But you should be necessarily taking a back up of all data otherwise you would be losing them. If you are not sure about doing the same, you can call in for slow PC support.

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