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The use of a computer has become extremely common in the recent times for the purpose of work, education and a number of other purposes as well. At the same time, one of the commonest issues faced by all of the computer users is slow performance. The slow performance of the computer extremely frustrating and most importantly you have no idea as to why is my computer slow. This creates a lot of hindrance in your work thereby resulting in a lot of time being wasted.

This is the exact situation when you need to hire the slow PC support services of experts who specialise in the issues related with the slow working of the computer. At this point of time, it is also very important for you as a computer user to know what the major reasons as to why the computer performs so slow.

  • One of the major reasons of computer running slow is because of continuous running for a very long period of time and that too without any reboots. Running without a reboot increases the chances of computer performing without its usual speed and freezing at random during its operation. This is exactly where you need the help of experts.
  • Another of the important reason of slow PC is the hard drive of the PC running out of space. The performance of the computer is readily degraded at the time when there is not enough free space in the hard drive of the computer. Sufficient free space in the hard drive is of immense importance for the purpose of optimal performance of the system.
  • A very less RAM or the virtual memory of the computer as compared to the usage of number of programs being used simultaneously causes the computer to slow down to a great extent. So, now if you want to know how to speed up your computer, Increasing the RAM in this regard, would prove to be quite effective.
  • The computer can also slow down owing to a corrupted or fragmented hard drive. There are variety of reasons which can cause the hard drive of the computer to corrupt. An improper shutdown is one of the commonest reasons as to why the hard drive gets corrupted or fragmented. Therefore, the experts recommend to be very careful about the shutting down of the system properly every time.
  • Another important reason of slow performance of the computer is because of too many programs running in the background. When a number of background programs operate simultaneously, the overall performance of the computer readily slows down significantly which needs to be kept in mind.

So, now it is quite clear to you about why is my computer so slow down in window 10. In this situation, it would be a great idea to call in for expert slow PC support for the most efficient and effective resolutions regarding the same. The experts will help you with the steps about how to speed up your computer and at the same time will necessarily take care of all the other associated problems.

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